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In this section, you can find the latest news from our company and the robotic automation industry as a whole. You will learn about our most recent successes and updates from our partners. Also, you can read about the trends and innovations that we are going to see in the near future.

Trial version

If you recently received a free trial version of the platform, and can’t figure it out, this section is for you. In this section, you can ask a question about the implementation process, and active members of the community will help you.

Commercial version

If you or your company has acquired a license to use the ElectroNeek platform, and you have questions about the implementation process, we will help you in this section. Customers have the highest priority for us.


This section is for the partners of our company. Here you can ask technical questions on the implementation processes. Other partners and active members of the community will help you.

Ideas and suggestions

If you have creative thoughts on improving the ElectroNeek RPA platform, ideas for enhancing the interface, adding new functionality, improving the current one, - leave all your suggestions here so that our team can review them.


In this section, we publish updates about the new releases of the ElectroNeek RPA platform. We will be able to trace the history of product changes and enjoy the progress together really soon!


In this section, you can talk about topics that are beyond the scope of other sections. Raise common human issues, share an exciting story, and chat with each other. In this section, moderation is a little more loyal.