Append to Excel Function Ruining Date Formats


For a POC for a client, we need to append a message to an input excel file in the case that the file is rejected by the bot. However, when this happens the date format (which needs to remain in a very specific format) is ruined.

Here is an example:

Take this column of dates before running the bot -

Then immediately after running -

which is obviously, completely broken. But after clicking in the box on excel it corrects to

which, while readable, is still a change from the proper date format.

What can I do to fix this?

Could you please provide us with the files themselves?
Just crop your excel file to this one column only (and probably remove rows until a few of them remains) and provide us with the algorithm that you’re using to update the Excel file. We don’t need anything outside the scope in your algorithm. Just send us the minimal algorithm that replicates the issue.

And what’s the platform version as well?


You can use VBA to give the document a formatting like yours. You can run the macros at the “Command Promt” function.

Hi, what email should I send the requested files to @g.melihov?

@a.polianskii can you explain this method more? At what point is the VBA to be implemented, as a part of the excel file (making it an xlsm file), or before/after the appending of the line independent of the excel file itself?

You can send the files right here, just delete anything that would share the private data. Create a minimal example which would replicate the problem.

Maybe I’m not using the forum correctly, but it wont let me attach files that aren’t images to the post. @g.melihov

Yeah, right. You can upload them to any file storage and provide us with the link.

Here is a link:

You might need to adjust the path for the excel file depending on your setup.

Okay, thank you!

Our testing team will take a look at the files.

@OrenEr, you can build an algorithm so that the robot makes changes in this file using “Microsoft Excel” group of functions, and then using the “Command Prompt” function, to start a script, which, for example, firstly converts the data into the necessary formatting and then extends the size of the columns, so that there are no values “########”.
If you have any questions, please ask.

The width of the columns has nothing to do with the ####### showing, as it does it regardless of column width.

Additionally, it feels somewhat backwards to me to have to write code to reconvert the dates back to the format they were in originally until the append function was run. Appending a row should not alter the rows above it in any way.

Yes, thank you, @OrenEr, we will work out your question about this feature within our team.
Regarding the solution at the moment - I described that it is possible through running the script.