Awesome Idea But What Do I Need To Learn?

Hi! Brand new to ElectroNeek but I’ve been a Marketing Operations Manager for 5+ years. Excited to get cracking on a project but wanted some guidance on how hard would it be to complete my project. The things I’m planning:

  1. Logging into Google suite with new user accounts (getting around account verification emails)
  2. Pulling data from googlesheets and entering it into online fields
  3. Doing routine checks and tasks in google analytics like checking boxes, filling fields, and clicking buttons.

Any advice on how hard it would to do this or what spesfic things I should focus on learning would be appreciated! :smiley:

Hi Rafl,
At the moment it is difficult to say exactly how hard the tasks would be because that depends on the implementation. There is a way to make it really primitive and simple, or complicated with exception handling and stability hacks.
The way I would go about solving those is straightforward tackling each one one by one. Trying to make a bot with the knowledge you already have and asking specific questions that would arise in the process.
Here is an example of a specific question while building a web scrapping bot:

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Hi @Rafi! Appreciate your interest :hugs:

Let’s sort that out one by one!

1.You said about verification emails. Do you imply automatic creation of a Google account or just logging by the list of credentials and using 2FA by email or anything else? Give me a more detailed case if you can, please. And we’ll consider a solution.

  1. No problem at all.
    In order to fetch any data from google sheets use Get values activity in the Studio

Drop it to the canvas

And set just a couple of parameters

Then google_sheets_values variable would contain the data.

One addition here. In order to use Google Sheets activities, authenticate your Robot to use a Google account:

Entering a data into online fields is a next separate step in your plan and can be implemented by means of Browser activities

  1. This scope can be solved using a combination of activities. Browser ones mostly.

My first and simplest advice is:

  • Try to decompose the desired flow into steps. The smaller the better.

  • Building something very basic and simple flow but valuable at the same time.

  • Create other bricks of your business flow nearby or make your workflows more complex.

Let’s consider your cases in more details if you would like)

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Thanks for the very detailed answer including screenshots! :astonished: :tada:

For question one, I realized I can use my own credentials and just add users and delete myself as a final task in the job.

I mostly wanted to know that the project I’m working on was possible and I wouldn’t hit a dead-end halfway through. It does sound from a high level that I can accomplish my project. I’ll start fleshing out the details. Cheers!