Description of the 'Commerce version' Section

If you or your company has acquired a license to use the ElectroNeek platform, and you have questions about the implementation process, we will help you in this section. Customers have the highest priority for us.

Only customers who have purchased the ElectroNeek RPA platform can create topics in this category. Community managers may ask you to provide an email for which a product license has been allocated. If you do not have a commercial version, please do not post new topics in this section. Otherwise, your question will be moved to another section.

In this section, you can both get product recommendations, and show your expertise, as well as take part in the community discussions to help those who are just taking their first steps. We want community members to help each other, be friendly, and share their best practices with colleagues. By asking a few questions here, you can find topics where your experience will be useful.

When you get a relevant answer to a question that you consider to be the best, do not forget to highlight it as the “best answer” so that other members of the community will quickly find the answer.

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