Developer competencies

Good afternoon, colleagues!
We have faced the need to expand our development resources. What competencies do you think (JS and not only) a developer should have in order to easily integrate into the process? It can be divided into “mandatory” and “desirable”.


@petermaples, good afternoon!

For simple processes, it is enough to have a person who can think algorithmically (usually it is people who are engaged in mathematics or physics, although, of course, not only them) and to decompose the task into components. It is desirable that he or she have an idea of what a variable is and what operations with it are. But in principle, all this can be achieved by oneself, the main thing is desire.

If we are talking about complex processes, then in many cases there will be enough skills of a junior programmer who has basic JS and html/css skills. But in general, if person has some base in other programming languages, it is also good, because to deal with JS in the form in which it is usually used in RPA-processes, will not make a big problem.

If a person has even more knowledge, it is all the more welcome. But I have described the barrier for entering the development of RPA robots approximately.

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