Element picker how to use it

How to use this program? Describe, please, step by step

Hello, @klaus!

First, select the function from the “Interface elements” group and click “Change element”.
The Element Picker window appears - Place the cursor on the desired element in the program and press Ctrl, the red stroke should be fixed on the element.
If you look at the example with the calculator you can click on “Test” button and you will see that 28 items have been selected.

Because we only need one element, so we select from the attributes what is unique to this element (in this case “Name” is the name of the button). Click again on the “Test”, it writes “1 item selected” - So it’s all done right. Сlick on “OK”.

That’ s it, the element is selected!

Hello, @klaus!

Did you manage to pick out the element? If yes, please mark my answer as “Solution”. If you have any questions - feel free to ask.
Thank you.