Element Picker Use

Is there any documentation for using the “element picker” with file explorer. I am trying to upload a file to a site. I test the element picker and it shows only one item. The block around the icon goes yellow after the element is tested and I hit ok. The problem is that the file is not selected and I get errors saying the element was not found

Hello, @Hassan!

Please, send a video where you select an item with Element Picker, select attributes and the window shows that only one item is selected. Next, run the algorithm to reproduce the error. If there will be other functions, then also show their “Block properties” tab on the video.

Hi Anton,

Again, unfortunately the video doesn’t show what is happening. I have added screenshots to help.
When configuring the element picker (please see desktop selection screenshot), I have one item and I click Ok on the element picker. The fields in the DevTool are written into automatically. For the second screen, I use the element picker to select a file named “untitled spreadsheet” (please see the “choose file” screenshot). I click ok, and the DevTool is written into automatically. When I run the algorithm (the video doesn’t show the explorer screen), the first part doesn’t work.That is the folder desktop is not selected, and the browser closes.
I get the following error in the console “Selectors: No element found.”
BTW, setting the click to single click or double click doesn’t make any
difference. The final screen I have before the browser closes is as
shown in the “last screen” screenshot.
I would be grateful if you could help out.
Again, I can only upload one picture, so I will email you all the files

Hello, @Hassan!
Does Element Picker work with other applications or elements? Did you try to choose other attributes in the Element Picker window? Could you also, please, write your version of OS and Google Chrome. A new release is coming soon, it may solve your problem.

While we’re looking into the problem, you can solve it using “Input from the keyboard”, in the File Explorer window you can enter the path to the file and press {ENTER}. In your case, I think this is C:/Users/Nikoo Nasser/Desktop/Untitled spreadsheet - Sheet1. I think this process is even faster and safer.

Hello, @Hassan!

What’s the situation with this now? Need help with anything else?
Please, feel free to ask questions.