How can I execute Javascript in the browser?

I am trying to execute Javascript in the browser, as if I were executing it from the console in Developer tools.
I have opened a web page, set a delay, dragged in a “Execute js code” activity. I set the statement value to “alert(‘Hello’);”
But I get the following error:

9/4/2020, 12:41:15 PM
alert is not defined . Please refer to Knowledge Base to make sure the activity 'Execute js code' was set up correctly.

It appears to me that the ability to interact with browsers using JS is critical for RPA, so I’m sure the functionality is there somewhere.

Where might I find it? I have searched the Knowledge Base but haven’t found an answer yet.


Hi @burque505,

There’s no possibility to execute JS in the browser right now.
Execute JS code activity allows you to use Javascript to implement functions that are too complicated to be built in visual programming.

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Thank you, @TimDolotkazin!

That has spurred me to create a Chrome JS injector (in AutoHotkey) for web pages. It is close to finished, and I will share it once it is in an acceptable form. The preliminary results are encouraging.