How to extract only 1st page out of 3 pages of scanned PDF document

Hi Tim,

I have a scanned PDF document of 3 pages.When i tried to extract using convert image activiy,it converts all pages and stores 3 pages separetly.How can we convert only first page of every scanned pdf .

Please provide us help

Hi @Nikilesh,

You can just use the needed page file and delete the others.
So after Convert to image you have 3 files: Page1.jpg, Page2.jpg and Page3.jpg.
Just use Page1.jpg in your recognition activity and ignore the other pages.

Hi Tim ,

I need to select only first page from Scanned PDF Doc, while converting to image .

Second thing using Recognition Google or Microsoft ocr engines ,its not extracting that converted image as it is (it comes like scrambled)

Please help

Hi Nikilesh,

Microsoft or Google OCR engines recognize words in the text and find the coordinates of each word relative to the file coordinate system. So if your image is slightly rotated the result could look like scrambled.