Partner Certification path

This path is for:

  • potential and existing partners of ElectroNeek.

Upon completion of this learning path and final test, you will get the Partner certificate. Completing the certification in Academy is necessary for signing the Partnership Agreement with ElectroNeek.

You have to get the access code to start this path. Send your request to

The path includes 4 training modules:

1. Your RPA journey with ElectroNeek

  • what can be automated with ElectroNeek,
  • platform overview and the first steps to use.

2. Introduction to ElectroNeek Studio

  • ElectroNeek Studio overview,
  • how to create the first robot.

3. Desktop Automation

  • overview of interface elements functions,
  • how to automate your desktop workflow.

4. Web Automation

  • browser functions of ElectroNeek Studio,
  • use cases of web automation.