Pasting Clipboard

I need to read the screen information (send screen info to OCR). In order to do this, I have used the following methods:
{PrtSc} => save to variable => overwrite an existing paint file from variable (for text input I selected calculate a value and as text I put [[variable]].)
This gives me an unreadable format in the file to be overwritten.
Also I tried {PrtSc} => run paint from cmd=> paste
For paste I hit “input from keyboard” on DevTool and Ctrl +V. This didn’t work either.
Ultimately, I need to send the screen information to a file in order to send it to the OCR. Can you please advise on how this is to be done

Hello, @Hassan.
The first method is not quite correct, it is impossible to save the picture to a variable.
About the second method, I’ve replicated the situation, it’s probably a bug. I sent the information to testers. For now, try to use “Execute in background” in “Command Promt” or call Paint not through the command line - for example, fix it on the taskbar and call it with the help of “Click on element”. Also do not forget to check the correctness by setting a small delay before inserting the image.

Hi Anton,

Thanks very much for this. In order to send the screenshot to the OCR, I need to save it in a file. If I use Paint, is there any other way to do this, other than “click on coordinates”? Using ordinary file> save.

Hello, @Hassan!
Yes, also you can use hotkey Ctrl + S. Wirte ^(s) to the value of “Input from the keyboard” function. Also you can use “Input from the keyboard” button, click on it and press the desired key combination.


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Thanks very much for this