Problem with license after install of v1.7.11

After install of v1.7.11 on windows 10…
Agent appears to be working correctly.
DevTool does not.
Could I get a webex with a tech to resolve?

Hello, @WayneHooper!

Could you, please, send us a video which shows your situation and what kind of error you get?

No I cannot send a video.
Do you guys not use webex, teamviewer, GoToMeeting or some other product for support?
I will get a screen shot.
I cannot upload a WORD document with the screen shots in it.

@WayneHooper, looks like you haven’t moved your license key to the platform. Please, click to “Choose file” button in the electroNeek Agent window and select the file with the activation key.

tried that. it does not work.

@WayneHooper, please, try to reinstall the platform: exit both programs, uninstall them, and reinstall the platform.

I have already tried that. That did not fix the problem

Hello, @WayneHooper!

Sent the key that day, has everything been fine since then?