Reading Data from Table

I was wondering if someone could provide an example on how to parse data from an imported table using arrays? I understand the very basics of Javascript, but I am struggling to figure this part out on my own. Currently I have this data saved to a variable called “imported_table”:

  "PasswordTest": [
      "UUID": "1",
      "USERNAME": "Test1",
      "PASSWORD": "Password1"
      "UUID": "2",
      "USERNAME": "Test2",
      "PASSWORD": "Password2"

Using this data, can someone tell me how I can save the username corresponding with UUID “2” to a variable?


You should able to do this using text recognition. First, you should get the value after UUID then if that value equals 2 then Get the value after USERNAME.

Please let me know this would help you.


I was able to read this data using:



imported_table = variable
PasswordTest = worksheet name from original CSV
1 = Row from original CSV
“UUID” = Column from original CSV