Release 2.0 - Orchestrator, Picker, OCR and more

Release 2.0

Text recognition:

  1. We developed a unique tool to enable you to visually select areas on a document from which the text should be recognized. JavaScript is no longer required if you want to extract data, for instance, an invoice number. Just specify the document template, which will be displayed as a picture, select the desired area to recognize text from and assign it to a variable to store the result.


  1. Run your bots outside the DevTool. We took into consideration all your requests and now you have an account to manage all your bots. Log in and schedule bots from there anytime.

Interface elements:

  1. The “Element Picker” tool is completely reworked, from the design to the interface elements search algorithm. The speed of interaction with interface elements increased dramatically and variables can also be set to attributes to build flexible algorithms that are stable to the environmental modifications.
  2. After selecting an element using the “Element Picker” tool, the corresponding screenshot appears on the “Block properties” tab. It enables you to quickly understand which interface element you interact with in this block, without additional comments.


  1. You no longer need to write SQL scripts separately and invoke them to your robots through the “Command Prompt” function. We provided an option for the direct connection with popular database management systems. You just need to fill a few parameters to define your database and then feel free to send SQL requests such as “SELECT,” “INSERT,” and many more. The requests are executed immediately, which makes working with databases rapid and efficient.


  1. We had requests to bring the iframes support when automating web-pages, and we heard you. Now you can interact with elements located inside a specific iframe - a separate HTML document displayed along with the other web page content. Generally, iframes are various videos integrated into web pages, elements of user accounts, and etc.
  2. The “Wait for element” function is added to provide better control over your robot’s actions.
  3. The right-click option is added to the “Click on element” function, which may be necessary when automating web pages.


  1. Now our users have more functions to work with PDF-files. You can read the text layer from a PDF-file if this layer exists or you can convert a PDF-document to a set of images.

Other changes:

  1. The platform supports Retina displays.
  2. Now you can search by functions, variables and comment in the workspace.
  3. The “Create directory” function is added.
  4. A customized, detailed message with its type can be output to the console.
  5. An inbox folder can be specified when reading emails.
  6. Proxy-server can be configured.
  7. When opening an algorithm, the platform version, where this algorithm was created, is displayed.

Bug fixes:

We worked hard to fix various bugs, and we want to highlight a few fixes below:

  1. Fixed an error when working with elements from a newly opened tab in the “Internet Explorer” browser.
  2. Resolved an issue when a variable created through the “Variables” tab disappeared after saving the algorithm or failed to update its value when used in the “Execute js code” function.

A link to download the new version is available for partners in the corresponding partner group.

Customers should contact to receive a demonstration or to update their previously purchased software.

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