Release 2.5 - Cloud license, "Agents" and "Algorithms" sections on the Personal Account page and more

What’s new:

  1. Now users can log in and activate DevTool using their ElectroNeek personal account credentials in the settings of ElectroNeek Agent program. Please contact if you don’t know your credentials.
  2. The “Agents” and “Algorithms” sections were added to the Personal Account page.
  3. The “Learn More on Knowledge Base” button is added on the “Block Properties” tab, which allows users to go to the ElectroNeek Knowledge Base page directly from the interface of DevTool and learn more about the function quicker.
  4. “Make Available for Scheduling on Orchestrator” option is added in the DevTool, which allows users to publish algorithms for execution by the Orchestrator.
  5. New functions have been added to the “Microsoft Excel” group of functions - “Read Excel Range” and “Write Excel Range”, which allow you to read and write data within a certain range of an Excel file.
  6. Added the button “Show product tour”, allowing you to start a brief tour of the main functions of the program “ElectroNeek DevTool”.

What’s changed:

  1. The “Home” button is added to the Personal Account page, where the status of the current license is displayed, as well as the list of available resources.
  2. Now the Agent automatically starts working in the background if the user made it available for autostart on Windows log on.

What’s fixed:

  1. Fixed an error when accessing the subprogram containing interface elements blocks.
  2. Fixed a bug when an empty cell symbol was added during an Excel file reading.

If you have any questions, please contact

A link to download the new version is available for partners in the corresponding partner group.

Customers should contact to receive a demonstration or to update their previously purchased software.