Release 3.4 - 'Passwords' tab, 'Drag and drop element' and other

Release 3.4

What’s new:

  1. The ‘Passwords’ tab, which allows users to save sensitive data to Windows Credentials Manager, is added. Now users can securely and locally store this type of data and use it in the workflow.
  2. The ‘Drag and drop element’ activity to the ‘Browser’ activity group, which allows you to move an item on a web page from one place to another, was added.
  3. In ‘ElectroNeek Studio’, the ability to move around the workspace using the mouse cursor while holding the right mouse button was added.

What’s changed:

  1. Now, if the Internet connection is lost when creating or running workflow, the platform remains available for workflow creation and running (if there are no activities that require an Internet connection in the workflow itself).
  2. The order in which activity groups are displayed in ‘ElectroNeek Studio’ was changed.
  3. The display of used programs’ names in personal account on ‘People Dashboard’ and ‘Automation opportunities’ pages were changed.
  4. The page for logging in and registration in a user’s personal account was changed.
  5. The type of forms to be filled out in various ‘ElectroNeek’ products was changed and standardized.

What’s fixed:

  1. Fixed an error that appeared when working with ‘Click on image’ and ‘Find image’ activities.
  2. Fixed an error that appeared when working with Excel files cyclically through the ‘Microsoft Excel’ activity group.
  3. Fixed incorrect behavior of collecting statistics on work in resource-intensive applications that appeared on some machines.
  4. An error that appeared when users sent requests through the ‘HTTP request’ activity and used Cross-Certificates was fixed.
  5. On the Orchestrator page, incorrect behavior was fixed when setting the workflow launch schedule without running ‘ElectroNeek Robot’.
  6. In the personal account, the situation with incorrect operation of the button for switching to the demo data presentation mode was fixed.

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