Release 3.5 - Serial Picker, Execution Display and other

Release 3.5

What’s new:

  1. The ability to define elements with a series of clicks on various elements in the application using the ‘Desktop Picker’ program is added.
  2. The display of workflow execution status in a window is added. It shows information about the duration of workflow execution as well as the last performed actions. In the ‘ElectroNeek Robot’ settings, an option to enable or disable the display of this window is added.
  3. The ‘Daily Automatable Time’ column is added to the ‘People Dashboard’ page. This column shows the forecast of the amount of time per day that can be automated while working in chosen applications or on web pages.

What’s changed:

  1. The display and operation of the ‘Desktop Picker’ program when creating elements for interaction is changed.
  2. The ‘Passwords’ tab is moved from ‘ElectroNeek Studio’ to the ‘Configuration Overview’ window of ‘ElectroNeek Robot.’
  3. The information displayed on the ‘People Dashboard’ and ‘Automation Recommendation’ tabs is consolidated and changed.
  4. Tabs in ElectroNeek Robot’s ‘Configuration Overview’ window are combined. ‘Browser,’ ‘Security,’ ‘Proxy’ tabs are merged into one called ‘Settings.’ Meanwhile, ‘Google’, ‘Office365’, ‘ABBYY OCR’ tabs are merged into ‘Services’ tab.
  5. In the personal account, a tab ‘Downloads’ is created to let users download the platform’s installation files.

What’s fixed:

  1. Fixed incorrect behavior when clicking on the ‘Invite a user’ button in the user’s account.
  2. Other minor changes and corrections were made.

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