Release 3.8 - Orchestration and Billing pages improvement

Release 3.8

What’s new:

  1. A table ‘Activity Logs’ is added on the ‘Robots’ tab, displaying status information on running workflow.

What’s changed:

  1. The process of working with ‘Calculate a value’ in activity properties is changed.
  2. The ‘Workflows’ and ‘Robots’ tabs are combined. The display of scheduling functionality for workflow is changed.
  3. Changed and updated the information on the ‘Billing’ tab. Now the limits of plans are visually represented.

What’s fixed:

  1. Fixed the incorrect display of actions in the workflow status window.
  2. Fixed an erroneous situation that occurred during collecting analytics of an employee’s work in a browser.
  3. Fixed an error that occurred while clicking on an item on some web pages.
  4. Fixed an error that occurred when HTTP requests are sent using the GET method.
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