Release 4.19 - Changing the active node, the 'Orchestrator' tab in Robot, and more

What’s new:

  1. A new section, ‘Orchestrator’, has been added to the ‘ElectroNeek Robot’, where it is possible to select a ‘neex’ file to connect it to the Orchestrator for further remote control.
  2. In the ‘Desktop Picker’ added the ability to change the active node (element) in the entire nesting hierarchy.
  3. Added a menu item on the Orchestrator page with the ability to immediately stop the workflow.
  4. Added possibility to read JSON document in convenient format in properties of action ‘Read text file’.
  5. Added possibility to specify command line parameters in ‘Connect to database’ action.
  6. Explicit ability to pass values to a subprogram has been added.

What’s changed:

  1. Removed the ‘End’ block from the canvas.
  2. Added highlighting the menu item with the cursor focus in Studio.
  3. While opening a workflow in Studio, a progress bar is displayed.
  4. Now the rest of the platform functionality is blocked when the ‘Open’ or ‘Save’ window is called.
  5. If the number that you read from an application element or web page exceeds the maximum safe integer value in JavaScript, that number is stored as a string.
  6. Before starting a workflow that contains subprograms with changes, these subprograms will be autosaved.

What’s fixed:

  1. Fixed a bug when clicking on the red item selection frame in the ‘Desktop Picker’.
  2. Fixed a bug when saving the first screenshot in the ‘Click on image’ and ‘Find image’ activities.
  3. Fixed a bug when opening an already opened workflow in Studio.
  4. Fixed a bug that prevented the user from setting search accuracy below 90% in the ‘Click on image’ and ‘Find image’ activities.
  5. Fixed an erroneous situation with pressing the Esc key to exit ‘Desktop Picker’, ‘Browser Picker’ and ‘Terminal Picker’.
  6. Fixed the mistakenly appearing saving window for changes in the previously created workflow.
  7. Fixed the incorrect displaying of service windows in case of multiple matches in the ‘Desktop Picker’.
  8. Fixed the situation with Studio shutting down when opening a large workflow.


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