Release 4.25 - ‘Close window’ activity, arrow animation, ‘Check for updates’ and more

What’s new:

  1. Added the ‘Close window’ activity to the ‘Desktop Apps’ group.
  2. Any arrow pointing towards a block that has the ‘Save the previous step result’ option enabled in one of the parameters is animated for a few seconds when the block is selected.
  3. ‘Check for updates’ item has been added to the ‘Help’ section of the Studio menu, which allows you to check for updates of the platform and, if necessary, download and install a new version.
  4. In the ‘Export to format’ activity, the option to select the time zone has been added.

What’s changed:

  1. The ‘Get current date’ activity now returns the date in a more common format that can be used freely in other activities.
  2. All date variables will be displayed in a local format on the ‘Variables’ tab, it doesn’t affect operations with the dates themselves.
  3. The arrow bends are preserved when copying and pasting blocks.
  4. Unset parameters of some activities, including activities from the ‘Desktop Apps’ and ‘Web browser’ groups, are highlighted red upon unfocusing.
  5. When you start the Process Recorder, the spinner is shown while the tool is loading.
  6. Improved description of some errors.

What’s fixed:

  1. Error when using ‘Read text from file’ activity with the ‘Calculate value’ or ‘Save result of previous step’ option.
  2. Incorrect display of the elements list in the ‘Elements’ tab in workflows created with Studio version earlier than 4.15.
  3. Wrong behavior when using breakpoint in a subprogram.
  4. Error when displaying the ‘Delay between keypress, ms’ parameter in the ‘Input to application’ activity
  5. Error Cannot read property 'option' of undefined when working with blocks on canvas.
  6. Other small fixes.