Release 4.27 - Detailed logging in a separate folder, improvements in parameters values validation etc

What’s new:

  1. Now detailed workflow execution log files can be automatically generated in Studio and Robot. This option can be turned on in the settings. In Studio, the generated logs can be found in the workflow’s folder. In Robot, the generated logs can be found in the user home directory.
  2. Added display of debug steps buttons such as ‘Step into’, ‘Step over’ and ‘Step out’ and others.
  3. Added display of an exclamation mark icon on action blocks that are missing values in required parameters.

What’s changed:

  1. Added blocking of visual interaction with Studio when Picker app is active.
  2. If a variable value contains more than 100 000 characters the number of characters shown in content preview is limited.
  3. Added a limitation of characters number (30 characters) in ‘Button name’ parameter in ‘User notification’ action.
  4. Added a possibility to not convert the result to the corresponding data type in ‘Get element value’ and ‘Get element property’ actions in ‘Desktop Apps’ group.
  5. Added ‘Open logs’ button and link to the Knowledge base in the Robot window which is shown when a .neex file execution error occurs.

What’s fixed:

  1. Incorrect behavior when copying, selecting and deleting information from an action parameter value setup field.
  2. Names of processes, system folders and other platform components now correspond to the current products names.
  3. An error when the drop-down list was missing from ‘In Frame’ parameter in ‘Web Browser’ group actions.
  4. An error in ‘For each row’ when working with an Excel table that only has one row.
  5. Display of color and action icon of ‘Append to file’ action (the conventional action name is ‘Log’).
  6. Association of files with workflow after the platform applications were deleted.
  7. An error with repeated appearance of Picker applications windows.
  8. Display of error when working with files that contain characters invalid for Windows system in their names.
  9. An error when switching focus from an active search line in workflow.
  10. An error when specifying a non-existent folder in Zip files’ action parameters.
  11. Display of a context menu in ‘Calculate value’ window in parameters of all actions.
  12. Incorrect behavior of ‘Read Excel Cell’ action when using cyrillic as a parameter in ‘Row’.
  13. Incorrect display of the workflow name in ‘Workflow execution status’ when running a .neex file.
  14. Incorrect behavior when working with ‘Select list item’ action in an Explorer window.
  15. Fixed an error in ‘Email’ group actions behavior when ‘Secure connection’ option is turned on.
  16. Changed visual display of a variable name input field in ‘Variables’ tab.