Release 4.29 - Changing the launcher button, improving the Browser Picker functionality, and more

What’s new:

  1. Changed behavior of the launch button in the Studio toolbar. The icon now displays a possibility to launch workflow in debug mode. When a breakpoint appears, a second button is also shown. As a result the first button launches the bot in debug mode and the second one always executes the bot completely.
  2. Added possibility to turn off the workflow execution status window in Studio settings (‘Execution’).
  3. Edited settings design in Robot program.
  4. Browser Picker is now capable of searching elements by text in them (innerText property) when working with Google Chrome.

What’s changed:

  1. Browser opened by the platform itself is automatically minimized upon launching Browser Picker in case this browser wasn’t closed automatically before. The focus is moved to the browser opened by the user. If there are no browsers opened by the user then a new instance of the browser will be opened. It is possible to select elements in it.
  2. In case of an error when using ‘HTTP request’ action error status code is now also returned in addition to the entire response body and text.
  3. The ‘Don’t close the browser after execution of a bot’ option is now turned on by default.
  4. Improved backups system for elements or Javascript scripts from ‘Execute JS code’ block. They will be autosaved after any changes.
  5. Added validation of ‘Specify the number of the occurrence of this text’ parameter in ‘Extract text’ action.
  6. Added descriptions file formats that can be used in the ‘Google OCR Cloud’ action.

What’s fixed:

  1. An error related to returning value of an error when executing a command in ‘Command prompt’ action.
  2. An error when trying to input some keyboard combination in ‘Keyboard action’ based on the used keyboard layout.
  3. An error related to saving previous values when using webhook for workflow launch.
  4. An error which made it impossible to turn off the ‘Search inside specific interface element’ checkbox in ‘Click on image’ and ‘Find image’ actions.
  5. An error related to usage of relative paths that are in a subprogram.
  6. An error when adding headers to an Excel table using ‘Append row to Excel file’.
  7. An error with authorization status display in Google account.
  8. An error when reading Google Sheets spreadsheets caused by cyrillic symbols in the sheets names.
  9. An error with displaying of block borders in the canvas.
  10. An error with saving authentication data in ABBYY and Microsoft services in Robot.
  11. Incorrect window name displacement in Studio Pro.
  12. An error when using ‘File trigger’ with a folder that is placed inside the workflow folder.
  13. An error when changing a relative path to a subprogram to an absolute path when clicking the ‘Select’ button in ‘Subprogram’ action parameters.
  14. An error with displaying incorrect tooltip when hovering cursor over the actions in ‘Element found?’.
  15. An error when launching update check in Studio while it is being launched.