Release 4.4 - Text processing, Send Hotkeys and others

What’s new:

  1. Studio canvas zoom ability is added.
  2. Added undo/redo buttons in Studio.
  3. Find text and Extract text activities are added.
  4. Added Set element property activity in ‘Browser’ group.
  5. Added Send hotkey activity.

What’s changed:

  1. Web-elements are now available on the ‘Elements’ tab.
  2. Multiple web-elements can be picked one by one, similar to the interface elements picking.
  3. All activities that return a result will be automatically followed by Save value to variable activity.

What’s fixed:

  1. Fixed an error that appeared when using Read Excel Cell activity.
  2. Improved stability of Google Chrome extension.
  3. Fixed the Console Log related error.
  4. Assigned robots now are shown correctly in the Orchestrator.
  5. Search inside a workflow is improved.