Some suggestions

Hello everyone,

I come from Alteryx community and I got some suggestions to make this community better.

  1. Please make HD videos, 1080 with subtitles for lectures. Oh and Full Screen!
  2. Make badges for community members when they complete something
  3. Create weekly challenges for other to solve and publish different solutions.
  4. Need more showcases to demonstrate the power of ElectroNeek
  5. Please stop “Start a trial”. It is so overwhelming to see the phrase at the end of each video lecture. Not professional imh.


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Thank you for your feedback! We’ll be working on improvements.

Thank you, @kiet! Proud of your support!

@Timur and @TimDolotkazin, could you take a look at these brilliant ideas?

@kiet @Yudovskiy already in progress on 2 and 3 :smile:

Making some juicy stuff next week.